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Monday, December 10, 2012

Penang Horse Show 2012

We attended the Penang Horse Show which was held in Penang Turf Club from 30th November until 2nd December. We were there early to watch the opening and also to get some photos of horses doing jumps.

After the equestrian event, we walked around the stalls to see if they have anything interesting. As usual, there are horses on display, fire-breathing demonstration and also horse-shoe making competition.




There is also a stage where some performances were help. The PAAPP was there to demonstrate dog obedience and some simple dog tricks.

More photos can be found here

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A silver parcel

Just to share an exciting news. We got a call from a courier service asking if it was possible to drop by their office to collect a parcel. We weren't expecting any parcels so we were curious to know what the parcel contains and who it was from. After signing for the parcel, we opened it and was surprised to find a silver folder with the Nikon logo on the back.....

...And on the front of the folder has the NPS words printed across it.

The folder contains a welcome letter, two sets of NPS stickers and a NPS card which has a validity of 2 years. We still have no idea what to do with the stickers for the time being. Below are some photos of the stickers, the welcoming letter and the NPS card.

2 sets of NPS stickers

The entire content of in the Silver folder

NPS membership card

Bella The JRT

Jack Russell Terrier or JRT in short was bred for hunting. This breed has a high level of energy and requires a lot of daily exercise. We got to know Bella through Sue from PAAPP. Sue was training Bella to compete in agility and asked us to take photos of Bella while she is training.

Below are some of the photos of Bella during her agility training.