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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Bit About Agility & Obedience


Obedience is a must for all dogs. By doing obedience, it will indirectly train the dog to create a bond with the owner. There are also a few types of obedience courses available ranging from basic to advance obedience.

There is also a Canine Social Adaptability Test (CSAT) where dogs are tested after a training period of 12 weeks. This test is to ensure that the dogs will behave properly when taken out to public areas. Below are some photos of those who passed the CSAT :-


Agility is fast sport which requires the dog handler to direct the dog through an obstacle course which consist of tires, weave poles and A frame to name a few. The dogs will have to run off-leash and without any treats or toys to get the dog's attention. The handler can only guide the dog through a set of commands thus making obedience a must.

The course will be decided and laid out by a judge. Some courses will have to follow a certain sequence but others will depend on point system but all courses will have a specific time frame to complete. Below are a couple of photos of dogs and their handlers doing agility:

For more info on obedience and agility, please visit the Penang Dog Agility Association website.

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