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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Loving Memory Of Lea/Benji (2 October 2012)

Lea/Benji was rescued but an independent rescuer, CT Yeoh. She was tied to a pole near a construction site. There was no shelter for her to hide from the sun and rain. Mr. Yeoh tried to persuade her owners to let him adopt Benji but no avail. After many months of presuading her owner to let Benji be adopted, they finally gave in. Benji finally had a home.

Mr. Yeoh took her to the vet for a check-up and there was a maggot wound at the right side of her ear. He treated her wounds. When Benji has recovered, he gave her up for adoption because he wanted to rescue another dog. Joanne drove down from Penang to KL to adopt Benji.

Her name was then changed to Lea and she was introduced to her other siblings. She would go wait at the gate every morning to inform that she wants to go out to do her business. She even has a special spot in the porch.

All was well until she was tested positive for canine distemper. She was still her usual self but her health deteriorated very fast. Mr. Yeoh was informed of this and he took the trouble to drive up to Penang to see Lea. When he arrived, the decision to Lea to sleep was agreed upon and with heavy hearts we drove to the vet.

After Lea was put to sleep, Mr. Yeoh decided to drive back to KL with Lea. He wants to take her to her final resting place which is just outside his shop.

We will always remember and miss your cuteness, your busy-bodiness and your cries and whines. Wish you could spend a longer time on earth but you were called back earlier because you have completed your duties. Watch over us and be happy at the Rainbow bridge. R.I.P. Lea/Benji.

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